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hello again

March 02, 2022

Long time no see. Kinda just been spending time doing game design-y things since January and taking breaks. Also dabbled in music but scrapped the stuff I made entirely. Maybe another day.

Programming-wise, I've learned some MIPS assembly and realized how fancy the 5-stage pipeline can be. I don't know enough to incorporate it into the DegreeX engine, though I do wonder if I can abuse the GTE to do physics calculations. That thing runs much faster than the PS1's main processor.

PS2 game development has been very attractive lately, but of course it's just an excuse I came up with to not work on nicole's game. I'm still working on Project Nicole, and it's coming together slowly. Currently stuck working on some basic AI, and it's not worth showing off yet. The game is in Pre-Alpha, but I do plan to reach Alpha this month, reach Beta sometime during May, then release before July. The AI will be very rudimentary haha