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May 30, 2021

Over the past week I've been building an in-house 3D modelling tool. The program, called "wizzie," is one out of several custom tools I plan on building to assist me in creating game assets for the PS1. My roadmap for wizzie is as follows:

  1. Be able to edit a 3D model from the sidebar
  2. Be able to animate a 3D model via per-vertex animation
  3. Be able to edit vertices visually with the mouse
  4. Add support for hierarchical 3D
  5. Add support for bone rigging (which allows for IK/FK)
An animated gif of a spinning cube at the right and a sidebar on the left. The program was built with the Windows API

I'll eventually make a short 3D game once wizzie enters a functional state. This will obviously take a while.

I'm also still learning calculus, albeit slowly. I now know how to differentiate a function, but that's about it. Can't continue reading my physics book until I understand integrals, which won't occur in my calculus book until chapter 5. This is all for that sweet PS1 ragdoll...

EDIT 2021-06-09:

I think I'll just use blender for now :p