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Trying to learn physics

May 05, 2021

I had spent most of April trying to get circle-circle collision working, and I've come to the conclusion that it's more of a physics problem than a mathematical one. I thought I could just figure it out through trigonometry, but I didn't get anywhere.

As a result, I've started reading a textbook called "Fundamentals of Physics". I have never studied calculus, but this book has done a good job introducing the bare-bones of it to me; though, it seems like I have to read a proper calculus book alongside this one in order to understand everything. I found one here. I suppose I was going to have to learn physics anyway because part of my bucket list is implementing ragdoll physics on the PSX. Ideally, it'd be something akin to NaturalMotion's Euphoria, but I highly doubt that that can be achieved without some serious hardware wizardry. The only instances of PSX ragdoll I know of is "Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX" and "Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy".

So... I think I'm finally wandering on the right path.