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let's try this again

October 20, 2022

Welcome once again to my gamedev misadventures dear reader! Before I start talking about the game, here's a list of stuff that's been added/updated to the DegreeX engine:

  • slope collisions fixed
  • optimized rendering routines
  • polygon subdivison
  • polygon clipping
  • point lights
  • sound effects via libspu
  • revamped camera system
  • refactored various areas of the code

I'm working on a time-trial racing game involving paper airplanes. A core aspect of the gameplay loop is maneuvering around the levels, so level design is what I'll be focusing on for the forseeable future. I recently finished the movement system, and I already feel a bit more optimistic about this project. After I block out the levels and implement tube collisions, I can start implementing the stuff I've outlined in my design doc. There's still a lot of hidden work like menu systems, memory cards, save files, graphics, music, etc... but this time I'm prepared to tackle all of it.

The beauty of this design however is that it doesn't require any advanced maths to get stuff working (even for tube collisions!). Combined with a revamped engine, I may actually finish a game this time around.

I've also implemented some basic debug features, like halting all movement and letting the camera's rotation be independent of the player's rotation. The green triangle is an imposter used to exaggerate where the player is heading whereas the red triangle represents the player's actual direction and position. The blue line is just something that remains orthogonal to the red triangle no matter the player's rotation. Its current and only use is for placing the imposter.


I've started uploading to YouTube again, because of course. I'll do my best to not to impulsively delete it this time.