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nicole's game

October 10, 2021

Currently developing a prototype. I've decided that the game will be a sandbox, and I'm rather excited. Surprisingly, I managed to whip up player controls + 3d camera over the span of a night and discovered that a lot of the 2d stuff carries over to 3d. The exe didn't work under ePSXe, but mednafen instead gave me the results I saw when I tested it on real hardware. I hadn't slept at all, but I did manage to drive to work* and back without colliding into a pole and spilling my guts everywhere.

melinda running around a tiled surface

The gif is supposed to be running at 50fps, so if it isn't running at that speed, try saving it and viewing it locally. This won't be a problem once I get a supporter account.

My entire philosophy behind game engines is inspired by this article, and, after writing degreeX (which is powering this project), it seems to be working well. The only game I've released with this engine is Ball-Hop, but all the tests + unfinished stuff both before and after that release has let the engine blossom into something really cool. This is why I'm a large proponent of writing your own engine. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with using a general-purpose game engine, it's just that you learn a lot when you write your own ;) . Also, in my opinion, writing an ECS is utterly useless lest your engine is for the general public.

This will be the first game project where I'll try to have an alpha/beta phase, instead of programming as if it were a gamejam. I'm following this article somewhat loosely since this is my first long-term PSX project. I'll release a completed prototype in one of these logs when it's ready, but it'll take a few months.


P.S. Data-oriented design > OOP