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ragdolls ftw

February 22, 2023

I want to write one last program for the PS1, but instead of it being a game, it will be a "tool." Specifically, I want to make something akin to NatrualMotion's Endorphin. I'm targeting that very specific niche of software that gets released on consoles that function more as tools than as games (e.g. MTV Music Generator for PS1). It'll be very basic, but everything I learn from this project will go into a more advanced PC version sometime in the far-flung future (probably).

Writing tools is a way for me to improve my game engine without writing games. I get that that goes against how you're supposed to write game engines, but it's fine if DegreeX ends up turning into a "tool" engine or some kind of middleware. Hell, people will probably have more fun screwing around with a ragdoll simulator than any serious game I try to make.

Also, the main qeeds6.net domain will have logs that document my journey through math. I've not posted anything yet, but I'm currently relearning Euclidean geometry, and I hope to expand my range of knowledge as time goes on. Logs related to the PS1 ragdoll simulator will stay on mzxtuelkl. If I do decide to write a PC version, it goes on qeeds6.net since the mzxtuelkl subdomain is purely meant for PS1 stuff.